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Qasabo today manages over RUB 1 billion worth of rental apartments operated under the Qasabo brand and owned by investors. By professionally serving investors in St Petersburg residential real estate, we help turn St Petersburg rental apartments into an institutional grade asset class, for the benefit of investors, tenants, and the residential market overall. Our aim is to make investing in this large and diverse segment of real estate as easy, safe, and efficient as possible, always with an eye on the expected long-term total return.

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Professional investor view
Qasabo's founder Staffan Tast has managed investments of billions of rubles in institutional and private capital into the St Petersburg residential market over more than a decade. At Qasabo we always look at the overall return and the risk profile when advising on investments. This means we consider not only the immediate rental yield, but also the expected value effect and the potential for current or future financial leverage to increase the return on equity, as well as the risks and opportunities related to locations, concepts, and developers. Qasabo's team members have an average of 5+ years of diverse professional experience in St Petersburg real estate.
Full cycle service from entry to exit
As an operator of the properties we buy, we are involved in the entire life cycle of our properties – from pre-completion purchase, to management, to exit. This gives us a natural touch for how an investment will perform in the market allowing us to make realistic forecasts. We perform regular valuations of the properties we manage and forecast future return scenarios to help our investors decide whether to keep or exit an asset.
Turnkey service for investors
For the busyest investors we manage most aspects of owning the property - from investment analysis and property acquisition to turnkey interior design and finishing to letting and tenant management to contacts with authorities and maintenance companies, coordinating necessary repairs and dealing with insurance cases and making sure the property is kept in good shape. Our aim at every stage is to maximize the lifetime investment value of the property for the investor.
A people magnet
One of the most spectacular cities in Europe, and by far the largest city in Northern Europe, St Petersburg is a magnet for students, career professionals, artists, and tourists from across the globe. Over the decade 2010-2020 the city's population grew by half a million people from 4.9m to 5.4m. The total metro population of St Petersburg including suburbs immediately outside the city limits had by 2021 reached 7.2m people, making St Petersburg the seventh largest urban agglomeration in Europe. Built on a Finnish swamp on the site of the former Swedish city of Nyenskans, St Petersburg has since its foundation been Russia's window to Europe, a cosmopolitan melting pot of ideas, creativity, and culture.
A large untapped rental demand
Compared to cities like Helsinki, Berlin, or New York, the St Petersburg apartment rental market is at a formative stage in terms of depth, product, and services. Whereas in New York 70% of people rent a place to live, in Berlin up to 90%, and in Helsinki over 50%, the share of rented apartments in St Petersburg is only 20-30%, and the professionally operated share is negligible. Due to a low presence of institutional investors and real estate funds, most investment in this asset class is by private investors investing independently in individual apartments. As the city keeps attracting new residents and the sharing culture of mobility and flexibility is taking hold, the demand for modern rental apartments will keep growing.
With still attractive price levels, a deep rental demand, a low correlation to global markets, and a good hedge against ruble volatility, the St Peterburg apartment market is now attractive moderate-risk investment case for local and global investors alike.
Over the past decade, I have had the honor to oversee and manage investments of more than 150 million euros into residential real estate in St Petersburg. This has given me a chance to follow the ups and downs of the markets, to see firsthand how the risks and the opportunities play out in real life. Dealing with investors and tenants for many years, with the Qasabo team we have developed a sense for what tenants want, how priorities evolve, and what this means for a winning investment strategy. We live in turbulent times, but what we know for sure is that our city is growing and that its people crave better homes and more options of how to secure them, whether buying or renting.

Staffan Tast, founder of Qasabo

Selection & Acquisition
We select projects with high rental demand where we in see ample opportunities for value growth. So far, we are proud of our track record selecting project meeting these criteria.
Design to impress
Our interior design and finishing teams produce apartments our tenants love. This helps us to keep vacancy low and rates high.
Hospitality management
When an investment is made, we manage the property as our own. We serve our tenants professionally, make sure rents are paid and units are kept in good condition. Convenient for the tenant, easy for the investor.
Asset management
Whatever your specific investment goals are, we provide strategy advice and objective analysis on the state of your investment, on the relevant market situation, and share our view on future expected returns and key risks.
Whenever and for whatever reason you decide that the time has come to exit an asset, we are happy to sell it. Our job is to maximize your total return.
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